Meeting-room «Mercury»

In the meeting-room "Mercury" (19 m2) you have a unique opportunity to communicate with your colleagues and business partners in an open and trusting environment. The convenient location of furniture, pastel colors of the interior will certainly tune all of you in to a positive outcome of the dialogue.

Equipment of the conference-hall

Multimedia equipment

A laptop, Three TV-Screens

Professional lumiere (colour music)

A presenter, a flip chart

A wireless microphone on a tripod

Broadcast from the webcam on the screen and TV

Extension cords

Working hours: 24 hours (on pre-entry)

Tyumen, 159 Respubliki St.

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Advantages of conference hall Mercury

Wi-Fi Access Point

Possibility of video conferencing

First floor, a wardrobe

Central air conditioning

Tablet chairs

Stained glass windows with a good view

Free tour of the hotel (up to 15 people)

Place for a photo shoot in the street on the parapet

A tribune, sold-out

Intake and exhaust system

A platten

Entrance through the reception area with a soft zone and a lobby bar

A table-transformer with holes for wires for conducting meetings

Sockets for events with laptops

You can place a banner with the company’s logo or the subject-name of the conference on the facade of hotel Vostok, you can pitch up tents with a convenient entrance to demonstrate vehicles on the territory of the hotel, large-sized trucks over 20 tonnes (approximately 16 parking spots), or to demonstrate any goods, services or production on the parapet (entrance to the hotel).

Your advertising on the media facade at hotel Vostok with all kinds of color abstractions and graphics will become even more spectacular and memorable!

Administrator of conference center

+7 (3452) 686-171


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