Master class "Dumplings from Tyumen"
625026, Tyumen, st. Republic, 159
+7 3452 686 111
Each culinary master class is a small trip to the world of a country. This time, we invite you to learn the secrets and principles of cooking our homemade - Tyumen dumplings. There are many versions of the appearance of dumplings on Russian soil. The traditional idea of ​​their history is as follows: they were brought into Russian cuisine by the peoples that once inhabited the Urals. Russians appeared in these parts in the XIV-XV centuries. And only as an idea is the theory put forward that among Komi, Permyaks, Siberian Tatars and other peoples in the European north-east of Russia, dumplings appeared from China and other ancient Asian states.
       By giving the Siberian most generous dumplings. To prepare this dish, both the process of preparing the dough and the filling are very important. During the master class, you will learn all the subtleties and features of the preparation of this delicious treat.
       Culinary master classes for children and adults from the Vostok Hotel give each participant the opportunity to feel like a real chef, as well as one of the ways to spend family leisure time and a great option for a birthday present.
       Under the guidance of the chef of the Vostok Hotel, you will learn not only the secret of making dumplings, but also enjoy the process!
450 р. - child
650 р. - adult
10:30 - 11:30
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