Terms of payment on the site

Terms of payment on the site


            Payment by credit card


            To select the payment by credit card on the corresponding page of the site, click             scroll "Pay for booking now" and then click on the button "Confirm booking". Payment             occurs through the autorotation server of the Bank's Processing Center using Bank             credit cards of the following payment systems: Masterсard Worldwide (including Maestro); Visa International;             World.         




            Description of the data transfer process


            To pay for the purchase, you will be redirected to the payment gateway of Sberbank of Russia PJSC to enter the details             Your card. Please prepare your plastic card in advance. Connection to a payment gateway and             information is transmitted in a secure mode using the SSL encryption protocol.         


            If your bank supports the technology of secure online payments Verified By Visa             or MasterCard Secure Code to make a payment, you may also need to enter a special password.             You can check the methods and the possibility of obtaining passwords for making Internet payments at the bank,             who issued the card.         


            This site supports 256-bit encryption. Confidentiality of reported personal information             provided by PJSC Sberbank of Russia. The information entered will not be provided to third parties for             with the exception of cases provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Bank Card Payments             carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of payment systems Visa Int. and MasterCard Europe             Sprl.         


            Description of the payment process


            When choosing a form of payment using a plastic card, payment for the order is made             immediately after its execution. After completing the order on our website, you must             you’ll click the “Pay for booking now” scroll and then click on the “Confirm Booking” button,             the system will switch you to the page of the authorization server, where you will be asked to enter             plastic card data, initiate its authorization, and then click the pay button. When             authorization confirmation Your reservation will be automatically executed in accordance with the selected             By you dates. In case of refusal to authorize the card, you can repeat the payment procedure.         


            Order Cancellation


            When changing the dates of residence from a paid order or when canceling the entire order, you can             fully return the entire amount to the card using your manager, for this you need to write             request to and provide your details             order. Cancellation of the order is not possible at the rate “Non-Refundable”.         

            To pay for your order you will need to enter the following information         
  • cardholder name;
  • your bank card number;
  • expiration date of your credit card, month / year;
  • CVV code for Visa cards / CVC code for Master Card: last 3 digits in the strip for signature on the back                 cards.             

            EUif there is no CVC / CVV code on your card, then perhaps the card is not suitable for CNP transactions (i.e.             such transactions in which the card itself is not present, but its details are used), and you should             contact the bank for detailed information. * Privacy reported personal             information is provided by Sberbank of Russia PJSC. Entered information will not be provided             to third parties, with the exception of cases provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Making payments on             bank cards are carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of payment systems.         

            Company Information         

            Individual entrepreneur         


            Gotsyk Alexey Vladislavovich         




            Address: Russian Federation, 625026, Tyumen region, Tyumen, st. Republic, d. 159         



Activity of hotels with restaurants, activity of restaurants and cafes and other types         activities not prohibited by applicable laws of the Russian Federation         

            Bank details:         


Zapsibno-Sibirsky Bank of PJSC Sberbank, Tyumen         



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