Hotel where history lives
625026, Tyumen, st. Republic, 159
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Day in hotel «Vostok»
Hotel Vostok
Together to the Tops of hospitality!
City cafe
Great lunch
Conference center
Comfortable events
City cafe
Great lunch
Museum exposition
A unique opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural and historical heritage of the city
The best works of world classics and quality samples of modern mass literature
Gala dinner
City cafe
Great cafe
The city is sleeping
A harmonious combination of comfort, quality and safety
Enjoy good food, work and travel with pleasure. Immerse yourself in history with us and enrich your taste. Right here, right now!
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What's around
Our guests are within walking distance to Exhibition and business centers of Tyumen. Convenient transport interchange and adjacent park zone - nice additions for work and leisure.
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900 м
600 м
Tekutyevsky Boulevard
920 meters
Cinema «Cosmos»
400 meters
Temple chapel
200 meters
660 meters