Master class "Gingerbread cookies - the best New Year's gift"
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Each culinary master class is a small trip to the world of a country. This time, we invite you to learn the secrets and principles of making gingerbread. Not a single confectionery product symbolizes holidays like gingerbread in its various forms - from gingerbread houses to gingerbread men and cakes.
    The first known gingerbread recipe came from Greece in 2400 BC, while Europe, gingerbread was introduced in 992 by the Armenian monk Gregory Makar. In the 13th century, gingerbread was brought to Sweden by German immigrants. Gingerbread houses appeared in Germany. In the 15th century, a guild of craftsmen was established in Germany to control the creation of gingerbread.
    The first trade documents found showing the sale of ginger biscuits date back to the 17th century. At that time, they were sold in monasteries, pharmacies, and farm fairs. In medieval England, it was believed that gingerbread cookies have medical properties. The shape of the gingerbread changed depending on the season, flowers in the spring and birds in the autumn. Cookies, sometimes decorated with gilded leaves in the shape of animals, kings and queens, were some of the main products at medieval fairs in England, France, Holland and Germany.
    Currently, gingerbread is any type of sweet treat that combines ginger with honey, sweetness or molasses.
    Culinary master classes for children and adults from the Vostok Hotel give each participant the opportunity to feel like a real chef or pastry chef, as well as one of the ways to spend family leisure time and a great option for a birthday present.
    Under the guidance of the pastry chef of the Vostok Hotel, you will learn not only the secret of preparing this delicacy, but also enjoy the process!
11:00 - 12:00
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