Hotel Museum Tours
625026, Tyumen, st. Republic, 159
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Hotel Vostok invites residents and guests of the city to get acquainted with local history museum expositions located in the Hotel: "Tyumen - the capital of villages", "Tyumen Pioneer", "Tobolsk - the city of angel", "Tyumen - my property", "History of Abrau-Durso. Fates "

In the hall on each floor of the hotel there are thematic exhibitions with recreated interiors of different eras, filled with artifacts of folk art: handmade carpets, household utensils, carved platbands and much more. Museum expositions are the interiors of a merchant’s house: ladies' rooms and kitchens, ancient icons (merchants were very religious) and photographs of ordinary citizens of the early 20th century, samples of house carvings and high-pile carpets, the arrangement of a peasant house and tools. Among the exhibits, the most interesting are the Krosno spinning mill and the bed, which has been over 100 years old. On the walls you can also see photos of Tyumen from the 50-60s. XX century.

Excursions are conducted by the historian and local historian - Egorov Sergey Ivanovich.

Excursions can be visited on November 9 at 10:00, 13:00; 16:00 and 19:00
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