Floristic master class "Bouquet-rod"
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Floristics - the creation of bouquets, compositions, panels, collages from various natural materials (living or dried flowers, leaves, herbs, berries, fruits, nuts, etc.). In the composition, you need to express some idea or theme with flowers, reflect the event, at the same time collect and fasten the flowers in the composition, as in nature they almost never grow and are not adjacent to each other. Only then it will become beautiful and will be an independent decoration.
     Features of creating a floral composition or bouquet are seasons and the presence of certain types of flowers and other vegetation at different times of the year. Each time is rich in its colors, shades and natural gifts, which allows you to roam fantasy. Floral aromas have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and relax everyone who comes into contact with wildlife. Compositions or bouquets can be made as a gift, or to design your own atmosphere.
     We offer a master class on creating an unusual bouquet-rod with your own hands. Bouquet-rod - a straight bouquet, elongated in a vertical plane, the flowers that make it up are usually attached to a rigid frame. But a bouquet of such a plan can be collected by a florist in different variations. And an experienced, professional, florist will certainly offer you a choice of several ideas for a bouquet of wands. The shape of such a bouquet symbolizes self-confidence and determination. A bouquet-wand is perfect for the strict style of a trouser or skirt suit for a lady, as well as a straight-cut dress that fits the silhouette. Without a doubt, the bouquet-wand is suitable for confident, independent and courageous women. Such a bouquet in the hands of a man will make you feel influential and significant.
     Master classes for children and adults from the Vostok Hotel give each participant the opportunity to feel like a real florist, cook or pastry chef, and this is also one of the ways to spend family leisure time and a great gift option for relatives and friends.
500 rub.
12:00 - 13:00
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