Master class from the chef "Sauce for any dish"
625026, Tyumen, st. Republic, 159
+7 3452 686 111
Culinary master classes are a great opportunity to improve your cooking skills, make new friends and just have a good time with your family. Go to a delicious lesson with your loved ones, to later arrange culinary battles at home, surprise each other and guests with delicious and beautiful dishes. This time, we invite you to learn the secrets of preparing various sauces, since most of the taste of the dish depends on the sauce that is served to it. Sauce (translated from French. Sauce - gravy) - liquid seasoning for the main dish. Gourmet sauce is a bright and successful touch that can transform the taste of familiar dishes beyond recognition.
      The chef of the Vostok Hotel restaurant will help to reveal to the maximum each and every sauce base, and knowing their base you can easily experiment and make your own, original sauces.
      Culinary master classes for children and adults from the Vostok Hotel provide an opportunity for each participant to feel like a real chef, and this is also one of the ways to spend family leisure time and a great gift option for relatives and friends.
     Under the guidance of the chef of the Vostok Hotel, you will learn not only the secret of preparing different sauces, but also enjoy the process!
1000 р. - adult
11:00 - 12:30
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